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Chillers For Air Conditioning Systems And Industrial Applications

Perco Heating & Air And our Industral division, affording us unparalleled mechanical expertise in every aspect of HVAC systems, including chillers. A chiller is a machine that uses vapor-compression or an absorption refrigeration cycle to remove heat from a liquid; this liquid is then circulated through a heat exchanger, and used for equipment cooling and/or air cooling as needed.

In air conditioning systems, a chiller is used to
cool water, which is then distributed to coils,
air handling units, or heat exchangers. The
chilled water varies in temperature from about
35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on
the requirements of the specific application.
The terminal devices (coils, air handling units,
or heat exchangers) are used to cool the air in
a given space by transferring both sensible heat
and latent heat from the air to the chilled water.
This process cools and dehumidifies the air.
Once the water has absorbed the necessary
heat from the air, the water is then re-circulated
back to the chiller, and process is repeated.

In addition to their uses in air conditioning systems, chillers are also used in
industrial applications, and are used to control the temperatures of factory
machinery, products, and various mechanisms across a broad range of
industries. North Town Mechanical specializes in the use of chillers and
other HVAC components for the plastic industry in injection and blow
molding, food and beverage processing, chemical processing, die-casting
and machine tooling, hospitals, hotels, and much more.

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