Perco Mechanical provides a wide range of commercial heating and air conditioning solutions for your business. Our professionals are ready to assist you with choosing the right equipment to help you save money and improve your heating and cooling efficiency and help you provide better indoor air quality for your employees. We understand the needs of our commercial clients, which are primarily building owners, property managers and commercial tenants. Our team of experts specialize in system design and installation, maintenance an repair, as well as testing and analysis for commercial HVAC systems.

No two commercial project projects are the same which is why we provide customized services for our customers. From system design to product recommendations through to installation, we are there to help along the way. We will work with you to assess your current heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and make recommendations that will make a difference in your energy consumption.

We offer service contracts on both new and existing HVAC systems helping you achieve efficient use of your equipment. We perform routine, preventive maintenance and use the latest indoor quality test equipment to alert you to possible air quality concerns before they become serious issues. Our service technicians are factory trained and have the background and experience to maintain, diagnose and repair the most complicated systems including equipment that is old or even obsolete.

Maintenance Plans

CautionManufacturers have the right to cancel warrantees if equipment isn’t maintained on a yearly basis by a licensed HVAC contractor. 

Financial Benefits
•“20% OFF” All repairs “TODAY” and in the future.
•“NO OVERTIME” If your equipment fails after normal working hours.
•“PREFERRED STATUS” Your name will go to the top of the list!
•“DOUBLE PARTS & LABOR WARRANTY” On all service parts replaced.
•10% Discount on All Health Items
Technical Benefits
Extending the life of your equipment. Equipment not properly maintained will have a shorter life expectation. Some suggest a 50% reduction 

Saves money every month!
Equipment not properly maintained will use more electricity and cost you money each month. Efficiency can drop as much as 60%! 

Each year many deaths are contributed to Carbon Monoxide. Freon in air conditioners and heat pumps has been determined by the government to deplete our earth’s ozone level. 

Call or ask our technician for further information 

Heating and cooling equipment “requires” yearly maintenance! Regularly maintaining your system saves time, money and extends the life of your equipment. We offer distinctive levels of preventive maintenance for the situation that best suits your needs. These plans are the corner stones of good system health. If your system is not already on a schedule, pick up the phone and call us right away. 

You’ve invested a lot in your equipment, ensure that you get the most out of it. A PM plan helps to ensure your system runs more efficiently and last longer. You’ll enjoy fewer surprises and down time. With the right team you can avoid a crisis before it begins.

Perco Mechanical is proud to introduce a proactive approach to the total health of larger or multiple systems. We evaluate your current system and develop a plan to maintain and improve costs and equipment. You’ll see an overall reduction of emergency calls, increased functionality and more efficient energy usage. Together we can maximize control and minimize downtime and costs.

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