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Protect Your Data Center With Perco Mechanical

Precise and dependable HVAC systems are essential to data centers, where the correct management of power and cooling is necessary for reliable and energy-efficient operations, and increased server longevity. The cooling infrastructure for data centers comprises a complex combination of interconnected chillers, compressors, and air handlers that work together to create an optimized environment for computing.

A traditional data AC system may contain computer 
room air conditioners and/or a computer room air handler,
a humidifier, and a chiller. The computer room air 
conditioners are installed within the data center floor, 
moving air throughout the center via a system of fans. 
Connected to outside condensing units, the computer 
room air conditioners deliver precisely cooled air to the 
servers, allowing them to perform with maximum efficiency. 
The air conditioners also return exhaust air from the room. 

Some data AC systems utilize a computer room air handler, which works in much the same way as computer room air conditioners. Chilled-water-based computer room air handlers are also installed on the floor of the data center, and are connected to chiller plants located outside the data center. They deliver cool air to the servers and exhaust warm air. Some computer room air conditioners and air handlers have humidifiers installed with them, but standalone humidifiers are also common elements of data AC systems. Humidifiers replace water loss in the chilled air before it exits the air conditioning units, as proper humidity is just as important as proper temperature in creating an optimal computing environment. 

Perco Mechanical Services has the mechanical expertise and experience necessary to provide cost effective data air conditioning solutions for your computers,servers, and network equipment. Call Perco Mechanical to learn more about protecting your equipment room, data center, and remote sites from dangerous temperature and humidity fluctuations.

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