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Duct Work Design, Construction, Repair, And More

In a forced air system, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning are accomplished using a series of sectioned conduits or tubes called duct work. Ducts convey heated and cooled air from furnaces and air conditioners throughout a facility, and allow for proper ventilation to ensure adequate air quality. Duct work is often among the first considerations when designing a new facility or purchasing an existing building, because HVAC logistics are crucial to the overall utility and livability of any structure. As the most experienced Chicago HVAC company in operation, North Town Mechanical has decades of experience in designing, building, and repairing duct work in all kinds of facilities.

Duct work typically comprises several key components, including a plenum (an enclosure containing gas at a higher pressure than the surrounding environment), the conduit (the actual tubing we think of as “ducts”), and a register, or discharge fixture. Located at the furnace, air conditioner, or other source of air distribution, the plenum is the entry end of the ducting. The actual tubes and pipes that are used to convey the tempered air are usually hidden within the walls of buildings with a “finished” interior, such as residential buildings, office buildings, and retail space. In factories, warehouses, and other industrial structures, the ducts may be exposed. Ducts typically run into every room in a structure, blowing air into each space through registers located in the floor, walls, or ceiling. Thus, registers represent the discharge end of ductwork; these can often be opened, closed, directed, and otherwise adjusted by the occupants in a given room.

Perco Mechanical knows that duct work is a crucial part of any HVAC system, and that strict attention must be paid to every detail in order to ensure constant and efficient performance and proper building maintenance.

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