Residential & Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning services
Perco Heating & Air has been providing quality service to the businesses in Northern
Colorado for over 10 years.  Technology has vastly changed the nature of the HVAC Industry over the past decade.  The equipment is more advanced than ever presenting constant challenges for companies in training their technicians.  We have invested in a training center where our technicians can get hands on experience with the new technologies and keep their diagnostic skills honed.  Our customers benefit by having technicians spend less time resolving their problems and by having it done correctly the first time

Our commercial customers also have the advantage of Perco's maintenance services.  Our agreements can be as flexible as providing technical assistance on an as-needed basis to a more comprehensive program of scheduled routine maintenance.

 If you need unscheduled maintenance for your heating or air conditioning unit place a service call to schedule an appointment one of our technicians.

Repair or Replace ?

Should I repair or replace my system? Consider asking yourself a few basic questions. 

1.Am I operating an efficient system?

Consider, a 13 SEER air conditioner or heat pump will save you money on your electric bill and your savings will be determined by the SEER rating, efficiency of your current system, are you getting the most for your money? For example; a 13 SEER can amount to a savings of about 23%.compared to a 10 SEER. Just think you could possibly save up to 60% on your energy bills with a new, high-efficiency system. In a short period of time, your new high efficiency system could actually pay for itself.

2.My system is only a few years old.; is it worth it to replace?

Your current system may be enormously inefficient by today’s energy efficiency standards. History illustrates the energy efficiency of an air conditioning system. In 1992, the typical SEER rating of units made were about 6.0. During 1992, the government established the minimum cooling efficiency standard for units installed, in new homes, at 10.0 SEER. All manufactured equipment on or after January 23, 2006, has a minimum efficiency standard set and mandated, by the U.S. Department of Energy.

3.Does this mean I need to replace the coil too?

The standard set by the government addresses the entire air conditioning system, not a portion of the system.

4.Does my system breakdown often, and are the chances good, it will break down again?
If you answered yes, this will mean an extra added expense for an emergency call or even worse, possible damage to the other components of your heating and cooling system. 
Now ask yourself how long have I been experiencing this unexpected, extra out of pocket cost that I may have been able to avoid?

Contact the experts at Perco heating & air and begin to rid yourself of unwanted expenses and source of worry. Along with the savings, start enjoying your new “Indoor Comfort System” today.

We offer a wide range of quality, efficient and quiet running air conditioners and furnaces that will help make your indoor environment comfortable. Contact us for details.

Our technicians come with adequately stocked trucks that have replacement parts and filters to meet your heating and air conditioning needs. For that comfortable temperature, we carry a complete line of thermostats.

Service Tips

If your system will not come on, check your circuit breakers and disconnect switch. 

Changing your thermostat rapidly may cause the compressor motor protector to open. When this happens the compressor will turn off for a short period of time. Allow 15 minutes for compressor to automatically reset itself. 

Check your blower compartment door to insure it is closed. The unit will not come on if the door is not completely closed. 

Check outdoor condenser for any blockages. Enclosures around your outside unit can interfere with proper operation. 

Sometimes you may experience rooms cooler or warmer than others. You can balance airflow to your satisfaction. Simply pull the lever on the registers downward to decrease and upward to increase airflow. Remember, when increasing airflow for one area you decrease in another. It is not uncommon to find the need to change the airflow for each season.

Change Outs on Existing Homes

Selecting an honest, professional, provider of quality, “Total Indoor Comfort” products and the perfect home comfort system for your home is, one of the more important decisions you will make as a homeowner. You can depend on our comfort systems and services to provide you with the level of comfort you need during those cold winter months and hot humid summers. Perco Heating & Air's commitment to you is, ensuring that the trust and confidence you placed in our company, to provide, the finest quality products and services bring you peace of mind for many years to come. 

Take comfort in knowing Perco Heating & Air is one of the most dependable, reliable companies, providing home comfort. The extensive hands on experience with all makes and models, is what makes us second to none. You will have the confidence and security in knowing your family’s comfort is in excellent hands.

New Custom Home Construction 

Perco Heating & Air  will be there from the beginning of your project designing, the ideal system for your comfort needs. From the location of registers through the equipment selection, you will work together with one of our comfort advisor’s choosing from our “Total Indoor Comfort” and “Indoor Air Quality” products that will bring you and your loved ones long-lasting comfort. Whether you choose from a standard, two stage, variable speed, high efficiency, furnace or a standard (13 SEER), high efficiency, air conditioner (quiet operation), heat pump, zone control, humidifier, media air cleaner to high efficiency electronic air cleaner, you can depend on only premium quality products in the industry are being offered to you. 

In addition, Perco provides “Total Indoor Comfort” for the simple guest home or casita to the modest and enormously large sized home, one or multiple systems. We will be there from design, installation, maintenance and service. Our commitment to excellent customer-centered care is our supreme goal. We want you to know our hope is, from the beginning of your project, we have begun a lasting relationship. 

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AC Warranty & Heating Agreements

An extended heating & AC warranty agreement provides security and peace of mind for today and tomorrow. Perco Heating & Air offers an extended service agreement program by North America’s leading provider, of risk management programs, for the HVAC industry. An extended warranty agreement, custom designed for residential or commercial applications will give our customers the assurance they need after their “Indoor Comfort” investment. Contact us today for more details.


Perco Heating & Air Conditioning  Warranty.

Before you contact us, consider the items below, they are not covered under warranty. 

1. Blown Fuses

2. A furnace blower door not positioned and closed properly

3. Damage caused by pets (i.e. chewed wires, urine)

4. Balance of registers for appropriate airflow

5. Tripped Circuit Breakers

6. Dirty Filter

7.  The malfunction of a unit not installed by Perco Heating & Air Inc.

8.  Gas valve not turned on (gas company)

9.  Thermostat battery

10.  Any equipment Perco Heating & Air. installed, which has been disconnected/moved, by any other company will void our warranty. 

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