Split System HVAC Systems Offer Higher Capacity

Split system HVAC installations have two main components, one outside and one inside. Split air conditioning systems are the most common central cooling systems; these include an outdoor cabinet containing the compressor and condenser coil, and a separate evaporator coil indoors, typically installed in conjunction with an air handler or a furnace. The compressor pumps a chemical refrigerant though the system.

Split system HVAC installations separate the hot side of the system from the cold side, making these units perfect for larger air-conditioning applications. Outside the building, the condensing unit represents the hot side of the system. Depending on the application, this could be a cooling-only condensing unit, or a heat pump condensing unit that can handle both heating and cooling. The cold side of the system comprises the expansion valve and the cold coil, which are usually housed in a furnace, or some kind of air handler. Air is blown by the air handler through the cold coil, and then routed throughout the building.

Because of their higher capacity, split HVAC systems have larger coils and compressors than other systems. In large buildings such as department stores, warehouses, and large business offices, the hot side of the system (the condensing unit) can be quite massive, and is typically housed on the roof. In some applications, multiple smaller units are used, each attached to a separate air handler indoors, to be used in specific zones of the building.

The split system approach results in low costs, and reduced noise indoors, making it a popular option. As Chicago’s HVAC experts, Perco Mechanical &
Perco Heating & Air Split Systems in split system HVAC installation and repair. Call us today to see if split system HVAC is right for your business.

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